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Friday 23rd June
Saturday 24th June
Sunday 25th June
The Neon Hearts
The Most Terrifying Thing
28 Costumes
John Smith
The Wombats
Tramp Attack
The Prelude
Metro Manilla Aide
The Desiel Fitters
Slow Motion Stranger
SparkleWood & 21
These Imaginary men
Ju Ju Spider
Ricky Russel
The Late Developers
The Light Fantastic
Joe Keelan
I Pinata
Charm Offensive
Mark Greville
Kate Blundell
Roguish Stranger
Mickey Petyt
Dan Sumner
Peppermint Pigs
The Kesey Experiment
Christian Slawinski
Nina Jones
Jo Bywater
Pale Faced Princess
Emma Longworth
Sam Kearney
The Gutter Fighters
Dave Masson
Pete Smith
Beggars Belief
Ross Martyn
Jeff Jepson

Tickets £18 including camping Fri/Sat/Sun night £4 per day ticket.
Available from Probe records, Bar Cava Liverpool & Stamps Bar Crosby.